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Employers, we've made it easy and affordable for you to find the right intern for your project, using what we call the "Fish" and "Find" methods.



The Fish Method requires you to build Project Profiles for interns to review.  These profiles are templates, for which credits are purchased, that allow you to create a scope of work for interns to review.  Once complete, the profile becomes accessible for interns to review and respond.  The employer will then receive each response, which shall include the interns Personal Profile, Resume and any other attachments that have been included.  Project Intern offers editable, pre-populated profile templates for common project assignments, which will save you a lot of time.  The Fish Method is an excellent tool for identifying a broad and diverse group of prospective candidates.  It also includes Project Milestones and an integrated payment solution, which makes it easy to convey your requirements and manage the project.  This method is excellent for Virtual Internships.



The Find Method is a more simplistic approach and ideal for employers that are more interested in the candidate's core compentencies.  This method allows employers to search our Small Business Product Platform, which serves as a menu of common project assignments.  For example, employers can select "Business Plan" from the menu and subsequently receive a list of qualified interns that have indicated this to be one of their core competencies.  Upon registering, interns are allowed to enter 5 areas that they consider to be core competencies.  By making this selection, interns are qualifying themselves as having had direct experience in a particular area.


Getting Started

Getting started is eash.  Simply select the "Employer" registration option at the top of the page.  Once you completed the on-line registration, you will automatically and instantly receive an e-mail, which will include an access code.  You will then be instructed to return to the site and login using the User ID, Password that you created, and Access Code (provided by us).  You'll only need to enter the access code on the first login.  The next step will be to select "Profile" from the menu bar.  When the Profile page opens, you'll be required to enter your company's key information.  This will be extremely important for interns, as they consider taking on project assignments.  Our experience has been, the more detailed profile that is provided, the greater the response.  Once the Company Profile is complete, you can then begin searching for interns using one of the above methods. 


Good Luck!