|   Employer Register | Student Register  | Monday, September 25, 2023

Many of you have asked what the process is for getting started with Project Intern. Here a the basic steps, which will guide you towards being viewable by employers:


  • Register, as a Student; once this is complete, you will instantly receive an e-mail confirming your registration and providing you with a login code, for your initial login (see link in e-mail)


  • After logging in the first time, you should go to the "Profile" menu and buildout your personal profile (be sure to answer all questions). Here you can attach a resume or other relevant documents that you would like for employers to see (i.e., work samples); however, your profile will serve as a resume for prospective employers.


  • Recall, employers can solicit interns in one of two ways. The first approach is called the "Fish" method; here, employers will build on-line project profiles and post them for interns to search (Select the "Search menu, to begin). If the intern is interested in a project, simply indicate by checking the box at the end of the row. Once your selections have been made, you can then click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Each employer will recieve an e-mail, with your profile attached, indicating your interest. They will evaluate the profiles of all interested parties and ultimately select a candidate.


  • The second method is the "Find" method. Here employers will pull a list of prospective interns from our database and make their selection based upon this list.

  NOTE: Please review the Rules of Engagement located under the Student Resources. This will provide you with great insights on how to engage and interact with employers.